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Affiliate Resources We Support

Building Out A Blog Site:

Blog Ingredients – When it comes to running an online business where you are branding yourself or your company a blog is a must have. You need that central HUB as an outlet to all that you do working online. There are several good blog trainings out there and we support Chef Katrina’s training as she takes the time to make sure you’ve got it figured out. Your blog is your online Real Estate. Once you are set up nobody can take it away from you. With a free blog, Yes… red flags can get you banned so make sure to back up everything just in case.

There are two types of blogs. Free and Paid. We will always tell you paid is better however, we understand budget issues and that is why we share so many free options on this blog that can get you started. – The Pro’s all use Word Press. We are using the free version currently to build out this blog. We will purchase the upgrades later down the road. – A great starter or gateway blog site and everything is cohesive with Google. I have seen some successful marketers use blogger and have no issues.

Working Full Time and Building Part Time:

The Part Time Profit Machine – I totally get it. Working full time and trying to build a side hustle is hard! I have been there done that. What my Friend Dr. Bob Clark brings too this training is the tools we need to work productively with the little time slots that we have in our day. This training also gives the daily mind set needed to work though the tough spots. It has been extremely beneficial in my growth as a business owner. I can finally say when I sit down at the computer – I know who I am talking to and what I need to get done next!

Pinterest Training

Pinning Ingredients – I have been studying a lot of traffic strategies the past few weeks before creating this blog page. The top 3 that keep showing up from successful marketers week after week are YouTube, Quora, and …. Pinterest. I took this particular Pinterest Training several month ago and did not get it as to how powerful it can be for your marketing success. Pinterest is not just a social platform. It is a searchable ” How To” platform and it gets used a lot! Tons of traffic potential so if you are not using Pinterest yet get this FREE Training from my good friend Chef Katrina and start pinning!