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Affiliate Marketing Tools and Services!

This page contains resources I personally use and recommend for the Online Home Business Owner. What works for me may or may not work for you. These are the tools that I found to be the best fit for the businesses we operate. I hope you find them useful as well.

Email Marketing Autoresponder

Aweber – Going to be straight forward and up front. If you do not sign up for and learn how to use an email autoresponder liker Aweber you might as well not even continue. You simply have to have this tool and build an email list of people who know, like and trust you. Your business will never hit the expectations you have for it with out this type of follow up in place. The #1 marketing tool that gives you massive returns on investment is your email list. Never let anybody tell you different.

Features of Aweber – FREE up to 500 emails, one list and landing page if needed.

Benefit – As one email subscriber is the equivalent of $1 per month you can grow up to 500 emails before paying for your service. Keep adding emails and it will always be paid for.

Tracking your Hits To Your Web Sites Or Promotions

HITS CONNECT – To make sure we are getting the most out of our traffic we track the hits with This platform is simple easy to use and better yet your first ten campaigns ( links you want to track) are free! You will find the paid upgrades very affordable as well. Upgrade as you grow your business and make sure you are getting the results from your promotions!

Features Of Hits Connect:
1)Tracks hits to all of your links you want t promote.
2) Free to use up to 10 campaigns!

Benefit – Know exactly, in real time, that your ae getting hits to your promoted links. From there you can start to tweak your offers for more conversions into leads and sales.

Suite of Web Tools From SEO to Emails

H-Supertools – This is a full suite of online tools. Everything from SEO to emails and even a privacy policy generator. As we work a lot with YouTube having the Keyword services available has been a huge help in getting ranked. No affiliate link at this time but if you need access to companies that offer affiliate links they have a page for that also! All Free!

Features of H-Supertools: SEO, YouTube, AI, Email, Web Tools Like Privacy Disclaimers and Much More!

Benefit – Have a full suite of tools available to help build your business with the confidence of a pro! Most if not all the tools are FREE!

Head Line Generator!

HeadLine Wizard – Increase Your Sales Instantly By Finding A Better Headline …Everybody knows you have to have a solid headline to catch your prospects attention. Headlines get them in and content makes the sale. Many times we get stuck looking for words to use in headlines and this FREE tool helps that issue go away quickly. No affiliate link at this time.

Video Creation and Screen Share

Screencast O Matic – Use this service FREE or upgrade for more features! Screencast-O-Matic is a screen recording and video editing software tool that can be launched directly from a browser. Our software has been widely used in the education and business sectors with over 9 million in our community and trusted by Fortune 100 companies and individuals in 190 countries.

Features of ScreenCast O Matic – Record Screen Only, Or Screen in Screen to connect with your viewers.

Benefit – Enables you to show your screen and walk viewers through tutorials or other teaching stpes on web sites, slides and more!