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Jeff Beeman Online is a Home Business Site structured to bring you articles and reviews of products and services from various resources across the Internet.  We strive to find the “niche” products and services you are most interested in and then excel in helping you make an informed decision on the purchase of that product.

Over the years I have been blessed to connect and learn from top marketing trainers, coaches and mentors. People Like Dr. Bob Clark. Chef Katrina and recently the very talented VaNessa Duplessie. With in our tribe of home business owners I have to give shout outs to Mr. Chris Scicluna and Mr. David Smith. We have been working together off and on now for several years supporting each other through the good and the bad.

As this Home Business has developed over the years I have learned to not stress over those that come and go but to just make sure what we learn, do and teach the right solution for todays home business owner.

From this Blog and our YouTube channel we will cover the basics of marketing a Home Business online. The best part of this adventure is that platforms come and go but basic marketing skills have not changed over the years. You still need to know the basics of identifying a want or need and then delivering the solution while focusing on the benefits of that solution.

As the internet has evolved over the years gone are the days of throwing up a solution into a pool of people and getting fast results. People are more educated now thanks to the internet than ever before and many unfortunately have been burned to many times. In many cases it takes time to build up the know, like and trust of potential clients before they will fully commit to the solutions you are providing.

Jeff Beeman Online is a fully transparent home business owner. We look more for the long term outcome than the short term fix. However a short term fix is sometimes all that is needed.

Our primary focus area is on content marketing. Content search marketing is still the #1 marketing strategy that leads to building a customer email list that can be developed over several niches. Paid marketing for traffic can also be used as a quicker method to build a list but the learning curve around it vs the risk of losing money on bad ads out ways the immediate need to use it.

Our number one resource is our business email list and if you would like to learn more about developing your own email list please make sure to get this $1 investment training – List leverage. This will add you to our email list and provide a very cost effective foundation for your home business.

Keep Hustling!

Jeff Beeman
Home Business Owner

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