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I am an Re-Sell, Affiliate Marketing, Star Wars Geek With a Golf Habit from Indiana. If you have an interest in any of those topics then we will get along just fine.

While trying to follow a career path of go nowhere J.O.B’s (Just Over Broke) for many years, I finally found my place working online. I have been working part time in the MMO (make money online) niche since around 2009 along with selling on eBay.

This blog is here to help others looking at the opportunities to running an online home business but not real sure where to or how to get started.

We learn, do, teach simple online home business opportunities and where to find and use affordable tools (many are free) … to build a foundation to grow from.

IE: Our #1 Re-Selling Program (system) to start learning “How To” Make Your First $100 This week is FREE and available at the following link!

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So if you have been working the “systems” and feel like your getting “worked over” … (spending more than earning or having never earned a commission or made a sale online) … let’s talk.

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